New Mums Reboot

A 28 day programme for new Mums who want to feel like their old selves again | taught by Alix Hubble

Course description

This comprehensive programme will give you all the guidance you need to return to fitness safely after pregnancy, with progressed exercise videos, help with planning optimal nutrition and that all-important support to get your mindset right and ge...
Alix Hubble
Alix Hubble
Owner - ChickFit

Hi - I'm Alix and I run ChickFit - a Women's Health and Fitness Coaching Business. Over the last few years, I've worked with Mums (whether they are recently postnatal or had their kids a few years ago) to get fit, healthy and strong again after having babies. I'm passionate about helping Mums to love their postnatal bodies again, gain in fitness and confidence, and, of course, lose their baby weight.